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Every year in the U.S, courts grant 1.5 million restraining orders based on false domestic violence accusations. If a spouse or member of your household accuses you of domestic violence or abuse, you need an attorney. Domestic abuse allegations are serious accusations that could carry significant punishments, including years in jail. These kinds of accusations can have unforeseen effects on factors like parental rights. While domestic violence cases may seem like cut-and-dry affairs, if you stand accused of one of these offenses, you understand that these situations can be extremely complex. If you’re unsure of how to proceed in your domestic abuse case, call a lawyer. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we’ve spent 25 years earning a reputation around Daytona Beach, FL as a reliable law firm for domestic violence cases. For this reason, you can trust us to provide a tenacious and aggressive defense in your case.

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Why Your Domestic Abuse Lawyer Needs Experience

Florida defines domestic violence as any one of several specific crimes committed against a member of a protected class. This protected class can include a spouse or ex-spouse, a parent to your children, your child, or any relative by blood or marriage. If you have any questions about a protected class in a domestic violence case, you can ask your attorney Additionally, the court can charge you with domestic violence if for acts against a current or former romantic partner, even if you don’t live with them. The specific crimes covered by domestic abuse laws include, among others:

  • Assault or aggravated assault
  • Battery or aggravated battery
  • Sexual assault
  • Stalking
  • Kidnapping
If the state finds you guilty of a domestic violence offense, you’ll spend at least five days in jail. The court may also sentence you to other punishments, including probation, community service, or even a prison sentence. In addition to your domestic abuse offense, the state will also charge you with whatever specific crime you committed that caused your domestic violence arrest. For example, if the police arrested you for allegedly assaulting your spouse, the state will also charge you with assault and battery. This means that domestic violence charges can be treated either as a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances of your case. When you’re facing serious charges in a domestic violence case, you need an attorney.

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Jane Park Has Years of Defending as a Domestic Abuse Attorney

Because of these extra charges, an attorney that has experience in criminal court can be a trusted ally during domestic violence proceedings. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we’ve spent decades defending our clients against criminal charges and helped them avoid possible life sentences. You can trust us if you need a professional, capable lawyer to defend you against domestic abuse and any other charges that may come with it. We’ll ask crucial questions in court that can help reveal what really happened in your situation including:
  • Was the alleged victim a member of your family or home?
  • Did the supposed event even happen – and what physical evidence is there?
  • How can the court be sure you were the one who actually committed the crime?
  • Were you acting in self-defense?
By asking these questions, we can paint a picture of what really happened in your case for the jury.

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If you need a professional, reliable domestic violence or abuse attorney to defend you in court, choose the Law Office of Jane Park. With a reputation for providing successful representation to our clients spanning 25 years, it’s obvious why people choose us. In addition, we have the criminal law experience to defend you against your domestic abuse allegation’s underlying charges. We’re also dedicated to making sure everyone has fair access to the law. That’s why we offer flexible payment plans to our clients. Call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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