Ms. Park fought endlessly for me to win my case and we won! Ms. Park was always available for me to get in contact with, whether it was via telephone or email. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Ms Park for fighting for me. My daughters thank you. If 10 stars were available, you would earn them hands down! – Brynn
Over the past fifteen years, I have had to seek and retain the advice and legal counsel for various reasons for my son. 75% of the monies I have spent over the years have been to retain legal counsel for my son who has had alcohol and addiction issues. During the last two years, and after losing faith in two other lawyers I asked a friend in the Daytona area to suggest a lawyer I might try. I was referred to Jane and have been proud to say that she represented my son in the most professional and knowledgeable manner as possible. I was very satisfied with her abilities and to communicate freely all of the time. When I needed to talk to Jane or email her, I was always answered in a very expeditious manner, which sometimes in the past, has been the obstacle to excellent representation. Let’s face it! Attorneys are very hard to pin down, even when you have already given large retainers. She is incredible and extremely intelligent. – Mary
A man was falsely accused in two states of 4 counts of sexually related child charges. Jane was a default attorney due to conflicts with defender’s office. God sent us to the right person. Aside from her extreme professional demeanor and equivalent knowledge, her humility and willingness to listen is what sets her apart of other “I have seen it before” attorneys. She doesn’t know it, but because she listened and followed our input, she saved his life. He would have committed suicide in jail. As a result the case was dropped here and then in Illinois. The man was innocent and to Jane, that mattered. I have always said that she was not compensated fairly by the state. I plan to fix that someday…. somehow. – Nancy and Charles
Ms. Park was my lawyer. She did a great job on my case. She answered every email and phone call I made. She did a great job on my family law case and got me what I wanted. She explained things so I could understand what was going on with the case every step of the way. She fought for what I wanted and made sure to be very attentive in mediation. She asked if I was okay every time we spoke or when I went to see her. She asked about my children and how they were doing. She understands the law and will fight for you and what you want. Ms. Park will explain the law so you can understand it. – Daniel
Jane was retained for a family member relating to a homicide. He did not do it and was able to get those charges dropped. She was thorough and professional and treated us with respect and compassion. She always responded to our calls and emails in a very timely manner. She worked diligently to prove his innocence and we are forever grateful. – Vickie
Jane is a great attorney who worked very hard for me. I was facing a speeding ticket that I could not afford as a single mother. She got the ticket dropped much to my surprise. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a good and aggressive attorney. – Anonymous
Ms. Park was given my case with no real chance of winning. A convicted felon who never had the opportunity of a payed lawyer. Not once did she say she would win. What she did do was give me her reassurance that I was not forgotten. In many ways she did this for me. She remained calm and straightforward throughout. I have been able to get my life back thanks to her. She is diligent don’t let her small stature fool you. – Jose
Jane parks was very professional when she handled my case. I previously had a sentence of 30 years and I’m on probation for 16 more to go. I violated four times and I got my money’s worth . She was able to get me 2 years house arrest instead of the offer the state offered and that was 5 years in prison she is my lawyer for life . I have hired her one other tome and she came through for me thank you for your hard work. – Sherry
Ms. Park was most helpful and knowledgeable with Florida criminal defense law. She was prompt in returning calls, emails, and or texts, and showed real concern for my daughter. Although the court refused to dismiss the charge, which was not the fault of my daughter, Ms. Park did make sure the judge was aware of my daughter’s innocence of the charge. We are very grateful for Ms. Park’s diligence and help in negotiating through this situation. – Alice
Ms. Park helped get me the best plea deal and got all the charges dropped from my record. She understood I didn’t have much money so she allowed me to do a very reasonable payment plan. She made it very easy so I didn’t have to set foot in a court room. She would email me regularly about my case. She sat down with me and explained the worst and best outcomes possible. I recommend her to everyone I know. – Anonymous
Took my case very seriously and was able to get it dismissed. – Nader
Jane Park was very helpful and knowledgeable. From the first day she answer all my questions and assured me that I did not have to worry about anything…and She was Right. My case was dismissed. Her assistant was a very nice and helpful. – Jimmy

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