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Criminal charges can affect not only your personal life but also your eligibility for jobs and housing. If you have been recently charged with theft, drug possession, or any other criminal act, get in touch with a trusted defense attorney today. Here at The Law Office of Jane Park, we offer aggressive and meticulous legal representation for clients in and around Palm Coast, FL. Attorney Jane Park has 25 years of experience practicing and defending clients in criminal law cases. In addition to criminal defense, Attorney Jane Park can assist with expungement and family law cases such as child support and divorce. Get in touch with the office today to learn more.  

Protect Your Child’s Future with the Help of a Child Support Lawyer

Divorce can be high stress for everyone involved, especially the children. During divorce, it is important to go over child custody and support with an experienced lawyer. When you work with Attorney Jane Park, you can expect her to provide compassionate and knowledgeable legal assistance. With the child’s best interest in mind, you can expect her to properly protect their future. Attorney Jane Park will not give up – She is determined to provide the most favorable outcome for your given circumstances 

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Want to know more about the legal services The Law Office of Jane Park provides in Palm Coast, FL? Get in touch with us today and schedule an initial consultation with family law and defense Attorney Jane Park. You can expect timely responses from our office to ensure you get assistance as soon as possible. Call today at (366) 238-9160.  

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