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In Florida, sex crimes are taken very seriously. If someone is accusing you of a sex crime, you could end up with a lengthy jail sentence, large fines, and a permanent place on the sex offender registry. If you want to avoid these consequences, you should hire an experienced defense lawyer to advise and represent you. Retaining an attorney is the best way you can fight against your allegations of sex crimes. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we’ve provided the Edgewater, FL community with a reliable lawyer for sexual assault and other sex crimes for 25 years. Additionally, we can help if you need a law firm to defend you against sexual harassment claims in the workplace.

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What a Sex Crimes Attorney Can do for You

The state of Florida divides the term “sex crimes” into a few different categories. If someone accuses you of any sex crime, you need to immediately consult a lawyer.
  • Sexual battery: also known as rape, sexual battery involves an offender forcibly penetrating a victim vaginally, orally, or anally. The age of the victim or their familial relationship to the offender will affect the outcome of these cases.
  • Lewd and lascivious crimes: the state considers these crimes less serious than rape. These offenses include molestation and exposing your sexual organs in public, also called “flashing.”
  • Prostitution: obviously, prostitution involves selling sexual services for money. It can also include traveling to meet a minor with the intent of soliciting sex.
  • Child pornography: this offense involves knowingly possessing, viewing, or producing child pornography. It’s also illegal to give sexual material like legal pornography to a child.
  • Sexual misconduct: it’s illegal to use a position of trust to form a sexual relationship. For example, if a doctor or therapist uses their authority to initiate sex. These types of crimes also include workplace sexual harassment.
Florida takes these types of offenses especially seriously in comparison to the rest of the country. There are a number of factors that can determine possible punishment for a sex crime and if you have any questions, you should ask a lawyer. An attorney will be able to tell you what kind of specific penalties you could face for your alleged sex crime. They can also use the evidence and facts of your case to build a strong defense argument and represent you in court.

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While the state considers the lowest forms of sex crimes, like soliciting prostitution, misdemeanors, that can change depending on a number of factors. The defendant’s age, mental abilities, and relationship to the offender all affect sex crime punishments. Many sex crimes are felonies that can land a defendant in prison for 10 years or more. In addition, the state may require a defendant that’s found guilty to register as a sex offender. This label will follow you for the rest of your life and make it difficult to find employment and housing. That’s why it’s crucial to retain a lawyer to fight your sexual assault charges.

At the Law Office of Jane Park, we have decades of experience and knowledge that we can pass on to our clients. We’ve served our clients as a reliable and discreet sex crime lawyer for more than two decades. You can rely on us to help guide you throughout every step of your case. We’ll also take care of drafting and filing any court documents your case may require.

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People often consider sex offenders deviants. Anyone can be accused of sexual harassment. This is especially true if you have any authority in your place of work. These charges don’t carry the same weight as many sex crimes. However, sexual harassment claims can be a nightmare if you don’t hire a law firm to represent you. Lawyers are your best defense against sex crime allegations. And if you need a firm to take up your case, in the Edgewater, FL area, call the Law Office of Jane Park. Clients have trusted us to represent them for 25 years. We also offer flexible payment plans to make sure that every client has equal access to the law. If you need help, call us today to schedule your free consultation.

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