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Do you need to talk to an attorney about a family law issue like divorce or child support? Instead of trying to handle your case on your own, trust the professionals. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we’ve helped clients near Deltona, FL resolve their family law disputes for 25 years. We can complete any court documents and help you navigate the legal process. Our dedication to our clients has earned a reputation as a relentless, meticulous and stubborn firm with a personal touch. In addition, we understand that legal representation can be expensive. That’s why we offer our clients free consultations and individualized payment plans. Contact us if you need ferocious family law lawyers that won’t rest until they get the job done the way it should be. Call the Law Office of Jane Park for a family law firm in any of these communities:

  • Daytona Beach, FL
  • DeLand, FL
  • Deltona, FL
  • Ormond Beach, FL
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  • Barberville, FL
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What a Family Attorney Can Do For You

The most common reason for a client to retain a family law attorney is during divorce proceedings. Divorce cases can be bitterly-contested struggles or amicable splits. You and your spouse will need to resolve two major issues: distributing your assets and determining child custody and support. First, you need to decide how to split your jointly-owned property. This can include splitting mutual assets like real estate or vehicles. It can also include settling you and your spouse’s joint debts. If you have any children, you’ll also need to negotiate an agreement on child custody and support. Regardless of whether your divorce is a bitterly-contested struggle or an amicable split we can help.

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At the Law Office of Jane Park, we have the determination and grit to assist you with any aspect of the divorce process, including:
  • Drafting and serving a divorce petition: this is the document that will initiate your divorce proceedings. Once we complete this document, we’ll serve it to your spouse to begin the process.
  • Filing a petition response: if your spouse serves you with a divorce petition, we can draft your response to the allegations they make. A response is a crucial part of the divorce process. If you don’t file it within 30 days of receiving your spouse’s petition, the court will automatically accept their divorce terms.
  • Negotiating property: we’ll act as your advocate and intermediary to zealously negotiate the distribution of your assets.
  • Child custody: if you and your spouse have children, we can help you determine these two factors. Child custody agreements determine factors like which parent a child will physically live. It also dictates what decisions each parent can make in their child’s life including educational or religious preferences.
  • Child support negotiations and enforcement: if you and your spouse have a significant difference in your individual income, you may need to reach an agreement on child support payments. These agreements are intended to provide your children with the same quality of life as they had when you and your spouse were still married. In addition, if you already have a child support agreement and you need a firm to help you enforce it we can help.

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