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Are you searching for a trusted defense attorney in Daytona Beach, FL? Reach out to The Law Office of Jane Park. Attorney Jane Park has more than two decades of experience practicing and offers legal services for everything from criminal defense and expungement to child support and custody. We understand how complicated and stressful any of these cases can be, which is why we are to ease the process a little bit by providing knowledgeable and dependable legal counsel. Put your trust in our expertise and schedule a free initial consultation with a lawyer today.  

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The Law Office of Jane Park offers a wide variety of legal services in Daytona Beach, FL. With years of experience practicing and representing clients in various situations, you carely on Attorney Jane Park to provide you with meticulous and dependable legal guidance. Whether you need a criminal defense lawyer or child support lawyer, call on our office to help you throughout the process. Attorney Jane Park will handle legal paperwork, guide you through court procedures, answer your questions, and more.  


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Ready to speak to a lawyer in Daytona Beach about your circumstances? Get in touch with The Law Office of Jane Park today to schedule a free initial consultation. During the consultation, Attorney Jane Park with listen to your side and then walk you through your viable options. She will aim to provide you with the most satisfactory outcome for your case. Call now! 

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The Law Office of Jane Park, P.A., is experienced with a variety type of criminal defense and family law issues. If you want advice or are seeking legal support, please consider getting in contact. We’d love to help you with your case.

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If you’re looking for quick service, then consider giving us a call. We would be available to speak to your directly. We hope to be able to discuss your case and schedule an appointment.
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