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Looking for a reliable, meticulous, and competent family law attorney to handle your child custody and support case? Don’t try to represent yourself in these high-stakes, emotionally-charged situations. Family law a regulated and technical area of the legal system. Additionally, your closeness to your situation can cloud your judgment – it’s hard to see the forest through the trees in family law cases. Instead of trying to handle your child support or custody case yourself, hire a lawyer that you can trust to represent you in court. That can exponentially increase your chances of securing a favorable outcome for your case. Not all lawyers are equal though, and you need a firm that puts clients first. If you’re in the Pierson, FL area contact The Law Office of Jane Park.

At the Law Office of Jane Park, our clients are more than just a source of income. We strive to make sure that everyone has equal access to the law. That’s why we create flexible payment plans for each client’s situation. Additionally, we offer free consultations to determine the facts of your case. You can trust us if you need dedicated child support representation in any of these areas:

  • Daytona Beach, FL
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  • Deltona, FL
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  • Port Orange, FL
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  • New Smyrna Beach, FL
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  • Barberville, FL
  • Palm Coast, FL

Jane Park is a Custody Lawyer that Won't Give Up

While people often think parental rights as determining where a child will live, these rights include more than physical access to a child. In Florida, your parental rights will also determine which parent can make choices regarding a child’s education and religious preferences. In addition, child custody agreements may limit what medical choices you can make on a child’s behalf. These terms also affect how much money a spouse can claim from their ex-partner in child support payments.

Child custody and support terms are usually negotiated by lawyers during the divorce process. Often, this means that both parents have agreed on the extent of their parental rights. However, at some point, you may need to change the terms of your child custody agreement with your spouse. This could be from changes in your living situation, your child’s, or even your ex-spouse’s. For example, your former partner may start working at a new job that requires significant travel time or begins spending time with people that are poor role models for your child. If you bring these kinds of issues to your former spouse’s attention and they dismiss your concerns unsatisfactorily, we can help.

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What a Child Support Attorney can do for Your Case

If you and your former spouse already agreed on child support and custody terms, you’ll have a difficult road ahead to change them. Amending or changing child support or custody terms is a technical legal process and could require appearances in court. There’s also significant research you’ll need to perform and paperwork to complete. And the entire process is ruled by the court’s strict deadlines. You’ll need to:
  • Draft a petition – this is where you’ll need to explain what changes you want to make and why they’re necessary
  • Prove that your changes are in the best interests of your child or children
  • Notarize the petition
  • Secure a copy of your original parenting plan from the court
  • File the completed paperwork, including your petition and original parenting plan, with the court
  • Serve the documents – this involves hand-delivering them to your former spouse either in-person or through an intermediary
  • Gather supporting documents and witnesses
  • Argue your case in court
If all of this sounds like a long, unfamiliar, and difficult process for a layman, that’s because it is. Instead of trying to modify your child custody or support by yourself, hire an attorney. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we’ll handle the entire legal process for you. We’ll complete any forms, file them with the court, and serve them to your former spouse. We’ll even appear in court for you to argue your case before a judge. By entrusting your legal work to us, you’ll save yourself hours of time and effort that’s better spent with your son or daughter.

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If you need guidance in your child custody or support case, call us before you go to court alone. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we’ll work with you to make sure that you get the representation you deserve. Call today for a free consultation, where we can discuss how a personalized payment plan can help make our legal services available regardless of your income. Don’t do this alone – call today.

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