You had your day in court. Your attorney argued your case and convinced a jury of your peers that you were innocent. Now, your legal saga is over, right? Wrong. A record of your arrest and charges is accessible to anyone who runs a background check on you. This can include potential employers or landlords. In addition, Florida has very press-friendly privacy laws, so any journalist searching your criminal record will have full access to all the details of your case. However, there’s a solution. By pursuing expunction, you can scrub your sealed record clean of any trace of a criminal offense. But it’s a long and technical process. Instead of trying to complete the process yourself, hire an expungement lawyer to do it for you. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we’ve been a trusted name in Daytona Beach, FL for 25 years.


If you need a record sealed or expunged, our firm can help. We also offer free consultations and flexible payment plans so you can get the legal service you need when you need them. At the Law Office of Jane Park, we proudly serve these areas:


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In general, someone can only file for an expunction once in Florida. Because of this, you need to choose your timing carefully. Obviously, no one expects to be arrested. But you should only apply when you know there’s a low chance of you ever getting arrested again. In addition, you should only apply for expungement when you know it’ll be granted. Because Florida law has unique rules on which crimes can be erased from your record. An expungement attorney can assess your case and tell you if you qualify in-person.

The Law Office of Jane Park offers our clients free consultations to help determine whether they qualify to clean their records. Call in today to schedule your consultation and learn which of your charges may be eligible.

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There are two situations where you may pursue expunction in Florida. The simplest is if you were arrested for a crime but never convicted. You must also have never applied for an expungement before. When you apply, you’ll need to complete and submit a few different documents to the court:

  • An Expungement Application
  • Written Certified Statement from a State Attorney
  • Certified Disposition for each of your criminal charges
  • Proof showing completion of probation (if applicable)
  • Fingerprint card
  • $75 processing fee

If you miss any deadlines or make an error in your forms, your request may be denied. Furthermore, you can usually only expunge your record once. Because of this, a trusted lawyer is a powerful ally in an expungement case.

At the Law Office of Jane Park, we guide our clients through every step of the legal process. We will also complete any necessary court forms and file them correctly and on time. That’s why clients have continued to choose our firm for 25 years.



Sealing is similar to expunction with one major difference. Expunging your criminal record erases any trace of your arrests to anyone. However, sealing your records will only prevent private entities from accessing certain details of it. A background check won’t show any history of your arrests, but your record will appear as “sealed.” While a potential employer or landlord won’t be able to access your record, the government will. Additionally, expunction will allow you to legally answer “no” if someone ever asks if you’ve been arrested – you can’t say that with a sealed record. Request more information about record expungement today.

Regardless of whether you need to expunge or seal your record, the Law Office of Jane Park can help. We’ve served the Daytona Beach, FL area as a trusted lawyer for expungement lawyer for misdemeanor and felony cases for a quarter-century. Call us today to schedule your free consultation and discuss a personalized payment plan to help you afford your case.

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